Tom Merrifield Fine Sculptures

Tom works from life preferring to sketch and model his dancers at his Hampstead Studio. He is a perfectionist and revels in the many avenues down which his multifaceted talent takes him, drawing, painting or sculpture. Tom also feels that one of the most important things in life is to be happy in what he is doing, thus guaranteeing that he never stops changing and evolving both as a man and as an artist. He is internationally celebrated in particular for the power and beauty of his life-sized sculptures, many of which grace prominent public places throughout the world. Possibly the most challenging and poignant is the bust of Diana, Princess of Wales, commissioned after her death by the British Red Cross, this exquisite work is displayed at the Red Cross headquarters in London.

Tom’s work is in private collections throughout the world such is the universal appeal and beauty of his work. Tom is constantly creating and is never happier than when he is working. Tom Merrifield is recognized as a major living artist and one of the finest sculptors of his generation.

Typical of the many accolades Tom has received from the international dance community is a pointed shoe signed by the dancers of the Bolshoi Ballet, a fitting tribute to his unique talent.

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